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An aviation uniform is a prestigious piece of clothing which we believe deserves personal attention. Here at AttireCorp we have a team of experienced tailors and in-house workshops to deliver uniforms that fit your airline’s brand image. Your staff will receive made-to-measure uniforms that feel comfortable and look professional.

We make cabin crew uniforms, air hostess uniforms, pilot uniforms, and ground staff uniforms. We aim to offer the best in terms of cloth fitting, craftsmanship, and choice of fabric.

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Aviation Uniform Specialist

First impressions matter. Look at high-ranking jobs in the military, government or healthcare. Professionals in these fields get their attire custom-made to show that they are proud of their profession. You can’t expect quality at a discount store. A posh aviation uniform brings pride to the wearer and creates a positive opinion in the minds of airplane passengers. Brand recognition is the other factor. Competition among airlines is fierce, so custom uniforms help to differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Airline Custom Uniforms

Our services also include complete customization as per your company’s brand guidelines. This includes color, logo, uniform embellishments, and fabric patterns.

We understand that to look different from other airlines is important to maintain your distinct brand. That’s why our team is trained to engage with your brief rather than follow it blindly.

We actively collaborate during the uniform design process and provide potential solutions. This is to ensure that you are satisfied with the final uniform before it is produced.

Advantages of Custom Airline Uniforms

Personalized uniforms bring personal pride to your staff. It boosts their morale and they will feel part of an airline that has a bright future. That’s the inherent benefit you gain with personalized uniforms. The other benefit is personalized service. As our client we seek your inputs, we guide you through our process, from the initial design to the final fitting. So you can rest easy knowing that your custom-
made uniforms will be unique.

  • Match to your corporate colours

  • Add your corporate branding

  • Custom garment features and functional details

  • Customised hi-tech fabrics and treatments

  • Personalise with employee ID

  • Custom garment labels

Not Just Uniforms

Here at AttireCorp our goal is to win your trust through our stylish, form-fitting uniforms and professional service. We have a close partnership with textile manufacturers in the Middle East. That means no middle men in the supply chain. The result is that we have access to premium quality fabrics on time and at a
better rate.

Finally, we manage everything in-house. Our tailors have access to embroidery and high-powered sewing machines to personalize every individual uniform with precision. This ensures that your airline staff get high quality uniforms which fit them like a glove.

Streamline your procurement process. From custom scarves, belts, name badges and footwear, we can assist with delivering:

  • uniform accessories

  • name badges

  • promotional apparel

  • merchandise

Uniform Recycling Program

We can also support your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives by offering a Uniform Recycling Program to recycle used corporate uniforms and avoid them ending up in landfill.Register your interest today

In-house Embellishment

With in-house embellishment capability and our on-demand ordering – we offer an effective way of reducing costs and ensuring corporate staff receives their orders to specification and on-time.

Reliable Dispatch & Delivery

Corporates can work with us in a number of ways. We offer either company-owned warehousing solutions or 3PL for larger companies, each with Pick Pack Post service.

Airline uniforms

Uniforms for flight crew, cabin crew and ground staff


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