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Whether small or large scale, all industrial workers perform crucial tasks on-site. Therefore, their uniforms must be breathable and comfortable. Our team at AttireCorp understands the requirements of industrial workwear. Therefore, we provide uniforms for all industries in which the workers can conveniently work.

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Trusted Protection in Any Conditions


The uniforms we deliver meet all safety standards that industrial workers require on-site. The garments we create and supply minimize the stress due to heat. Thus, the chance of getting injured is almost ruled out. We provide high visibility workwear and PPE for mining and labour, meeting industrial durability and safety standards.
We can also embed characteristics in our fabrics, like arc flash resistance, insect repellence, fire resistance, etc. Therefore, the uniforms we shall deliver to you are safe to use in all situations. Also, they are lightweight, and workers can easily carry them during their fieldwork.

Custom Industrial Workwear Specialists UAE

Our trained clothiers and designers have ample knowledge in designing industrial uniforms. We understand that workers have to put on workwear throughout the day or night. We are also aware that they have to work under harsh circumstances.
Our professionals specialize in manufacturing perfect-fitting uniforms based on the provided standards. In addition, we provide timely delivery of customized garments, such as safety coveralls, jackets, shirts, pants, hi-vis costumes, etc.

Attirecorp’s Industrial Workwear contribute to business and is highly beneficial in the
following ways –

  • Highlights company’s identity and culture
  • Creates good impact and impression before clients
  • Develops a sense of uniformity and oneness among workers
  • Prevents injuries and keeps the workers protected

Industrial Stock Uniforms & Custom Workwear

You can order uniforms in bulk, and we shall customize them as per your requirements. Customization shall help you optimize the cost expenditure for a larger workforce. Moreover, you can choose from a vast collection of fabrics to make the uniforms. You may also choose from our readily available stock workwear assortment.

We can assist with:

  • Stock service workwear

  • Custom workwear

  • Name badges
  • Uniform accessories

  • Identification solutions

  • Promotional workwear

  • Merchandise

  • Worksite branding



Advantages of Custom Industrial Uniforms

Personalizing an industrial worker uniform based on your brand’s specifications is advantageous in many ways. Customization helps you add your personal touch to the costumes instead of following a generic pattern. For example, you can incorporate your companys logo, motto, or employee details on
the uniforms. Furthermore, you have the option to customize the fabric patterns, treatments, and features with uniform personalization.

Our specialties include –

  • Advanced machines and technologies
  • Product expertise
  • High fabric quality
  • Best in the class uniform solutions
  • Reasonable prices
  • Qualified professionals
  • Committed timelines for delivery

Not Just Uniforms

Our uniform manufacturers are adept in carving not only workwear garments but other related items to the mining and labor sectors. In addition, we skillfully design accessories, apparel for promotion, merchandise, signage of events, and identification solutions. Please feel free to contact us to procure your industrial uniforms, and we shall be more than glad to assist you.

Uniform Recycling Program


In-house Embellishment

With in-house establishment capability and our on-demand ordering – we offer an effective way of reducing costs and ensuring construction staff receives their orders to specification and on-time.

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