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The employees at salons and spas need to look their best for an excellent impression on the customers. Furthermore, their hours of toil need comfortable fabrics to support them. A salon uniform not only renders integrity among the executives but also speaks of their brand. At AttireCorp, you shall have the opportunity to customize your spa uniform. We have a team of expert tailors and designers who provide perfect-fitting garments for your salon or spa executives.

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Salon & Spa Uniform Specialists

Our professionals have practical knowledge about the requirements of modern spa uniforms. We specialize in manufacturing and supplying uniforms that suit your parameters.We understand that employees in a salon or spa constantly work for longer duration. Thus, our fabrics are highly breathable, durable, and comfortable.
Also, your uniform is among the first things that catch a glimpse of your clients. Therefore, our designers focus on perfect fitting to make you look competent, elegant, and confident.

Custom Uniforms

You can select from a wide variety of fabrics to make your luxury spa uniforms. Our collection comprises both knit and woven fabrics with umpteen colour options.
Our tailors pay special attention to stitching the garments as per the provided measurements. We are adept at carving out personalized scrubs and tunics from raw fabrics. You can choose piped, paneled, or piped salon uniform designs based on your preferences and brand requirements.

  • You can get the exact colour of your branding for your hospitality uniform.
  • You can put your logo and the brand tagline on the uniform.
  • Custom uniforms give you the freedom to choose the fabric you want.
  • Customization allows you to keep a check on your budget.
  • Change the functionality and get unique features like pockets at certain places.

Advantages of Custom Salon Uniforms

It is crucial to stand out from the rest, especially in the hospitality industry. A customized hairdresser uniform lets you add your personal touch to the garments, like employee identity, logo, etc.

Personalizing uniforms also gives you the chance to select the most suitable shade for your brand. As a result, you no longer have to go by the generic tones of salon and spa dresses. Instead, you can make your uniform speak for your brand.

Not Just Uniforms

In addition to the beauty salon uniform, we offer several other accessories related to the spa and salon industry. These include name badges, headwear, merchandise, promotional attire, etc. Our trained experts have years of experience and knowledge to create a customized spa and salon uniform. As a result, our customers are always satisfied with the time in which we deliver the end products. Therefore, give us a chance to get the best uniform customization experience around you.

  • uniform accessories

  • name badges

  • promotional apparel

  • merchandise

Uniform Recycling Program

We can also support your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives by offering a Uniform Recycling Program to recycle used corporate uniforms and avoid them ending up in landfill.Register your interest today

In-house Embellishment

With in-house embellishment capability and our on-demand ordering – we offer an effective way of reducing costs and ensuring corporate staff receives their orders to specification and on-time.

Reliable Dispatch & Delivery

Corporates can work with us in a number of ways. We offer either company-owned warehousing solutions or 3PL for larger companies, each with Pick Pack Post service.

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