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We Create Distinctive Uniforms

If you are looking to enhance your company’s brand presence with custom workwear. Then, we can provide custom uniforms for your business.
We supply uniforms to companies from every industry. Our specialty lies in designing tailor-made comfortable uniforms that are stylish, practical, and durable.
From team uniforms for special events to everyday attire made to measure for each individual employee at the office. We produce uniforms for all sizes, shapes, and corporate designations.

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We proudly supply uniforms to Corporate Brands

As a uniform supplier no brand is too niche for us. Whether you need kitchen uniforms for your restaurant or company uniforms for a mega mall activation.
We cater to every industry, whether it’s construction, corporations, medicine, hospitality, manufacturing, education, sportswear, or security.
We design custom uniforms to fit your specific needs. We can tailor extra pockets, stitch embroidery prints and attire embellishments into your uniforms. We also provide color customization and graphic printing for fabrics.


Affordable Custom Uniforms

AttireCorp offers excellent custom workwear at cost-effective prices. How do we ensure quality without cutting corners? The answer is simple, no middle men and an efficient in-house infrastructure. We have a direct partnership with several fabric manufacturers. This gives us access to superior materials on time, without any additional markup.

To maintain our high standards of quality, we invest in the best sewing machines and in-house facilities. Our team being on-site, also means that they can coordinate with efficiency. This advantage lets our most senior tailors oversee the entire process and predict errors before they occur, reducing costs down the line.

Approach to Partnership

We are among the cream bespoke uniform dealers in Dubai who have direct networking with textile manufacturers. Consequently, we procure fabrics of the highest quality promptly and at reasonable pricing. We leverage our partnership to render the best quality uniforms to our clients at affordable costs.

Outstanding Production Quality Processes

We aim to maintain the finest quality of products together with quality control checks. We strictly adhere to ethical practices that are considered the best in this industry. Moreover, we also aim at manufacturing for scale and generating our indigenous products.

Quality Standards

We thoroughly review all our manufacturing garment and trim samples before, during, and after the bulk production to maintain quality standards. Moreover, all manufacturers have ISO and WRAP certifications, which fulfil the Code of Conduct we follow.

Sizing Consistency

All our stages, namely cutting, stitching, and packaging, undergoes scrutinized inspections, resulting in size consistency. Finally, our professionals measure the garments to meet the crucial and non-crucial measurement points.

Batch Control

Our system marks all products with proper labelling of manufacturing location, production date, batch serial numbers, etc. It is done to make tracing the products easier digitally via the ERP system.

Specifications & Tech Packs

We utilize technical packs comprising patterns, garment details, and size guides to maintain the correctness of production per our specifications.

Quality Assurance

Our team follows efficient quality assurance and quality control methods to ensure the most refined production. Moreover, we also employ an external inspector to look over the quality control before shipment. Finally, our staff also examines the products once they are delivered to our warehouse.

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