Uniforms are an essential part of a business or brand. The identical garments that all employees wear
give a sense of integrity and teamwork. However, one common question in this regard is the choice
between stock uniform and custom uniform. In this post, we have mentioned the details about both these types. In addition, we have also discussed the third option of hybridization. Once you read this write-up, you shall be more precise about your decision.

Stock Uniforms

Stock uniforms refer to garments that are ready-made. The costumes have standard measurements and
designs and are common in the uniforms of various sectors. As the uniforms are produced in bulk,
they are lesser in price. Therefore, businesses with limited finances or timelines can proceed with this
Furthermore, as these garments are off-the-rack, the time of delivery is usually around a week. Next,
you can place orders for stock uniforms to a wholesaler or uniform supplier. These costumes
generally consist of shirts, pants, jackets, and knitwear. Finally, if you want, you can opt to include
your brand’s logo on the stock uniforms using embroidery or digital printing.

Custom Uniforms

Customized uniforms are specifically designed according to business requirements. The fabric, style,
and fitting of the garments are personalized according to the employers’ and brand’s needs.
Companies with more personnel and more time availability can choose this option.

A custom uniform also allows you to include your brand’s specialties in the costume. So, for
example, you can have the employee identity, business motto, or unique colours to speak of your
brand. You can stand above the rest by not copying the generic patterns.
If you are interested in procuring custom uniforms, you must contact an experienced and renowned
uniform supplier. The firm you hire should have enough expertise and knowledge in making
personalized uniforms.


Some companies also go ahead with the mixture of the two ways. For example, they order stock
uniforms for most employees and custom uniforms for special designations. A custom uniform is also
essential for roles that require specific technicalities or standards in the garment.

The Final Thoughts

Your choice between the above three options depends on your brand’s requirements and preferences.
The trained experts at Attire Corp shall help you throughout the journey of uniform creation. Our
professionals are experienced specialists in uniform making with a satisfied client base. You can
contact us for any query or place orders to get the advice and assistance of our experts.

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