Dressing for work can be challenging. You want to look professional and feel comfortable at the same time. The polo shirts are the best if you are looking for something comfortable in professional wear. But, of course, it depends on how you wear it. Although the polo shirt is associated with being a uniform piece, people consider it a timeless fashion statement in sportswear and the social scene.

History of the Polo Shirts

Your all-time favorite polo shirt has an impressive history. Fashion experts required a practical shirt that people would wear while playing polo, which led to the discovery of the polo shirts. Back in the 1800s, players wore long-sleeved buttoned-up shirts while playing the elite sport. However, the heat and restriction of the movements required a shirt with short sleeves. Therefore, the players often cut off the sleeves and added buttons to keep the collar blowing in the wind.

Why include Polo Shirts as Corporate Wear?

If you consider a polo shirt a stylish off-duty, why cannot it be fashionable to wear at the corporates? The work polo has almost the same design as a designer polo. The only difference is that the former carries the corporate logo or the brand’s color. Enlisted are the reasons why polo shirts stand as workplace fashion.

Offers a trendy look

Since the first iconic fashion in 1972 by Ralph Lauren Polo, the practical polo shirt continued to make a comeback. It proved its reliability as a “go-to” shirt for play and work. The modern polo shirt comes in various styles, with several reputable brands and a broad selection of colors. Today, the polo shirts are all about colors. The classic, timeless style reminds us of the upper-class vibes. However, the customized polo shirts come with modern fits and bolder colors, creating perfect color contrasts to display the brand.

Enhances productivity

There is nothing new that a uniform facilitates productivity in a workplace. Uniforms maintain professional dressing standards, allowing better customer feedback, and enhancing employees’ confidence. With the polo shirts, getting ready for work in the morning becomes easier, as you do not have the hassle of choosing clothes to wear. It creates a sense of equality and belonging. Moreover, wearing a similar style represents the brand. Even women can wear the polo shirts

Earlier corporate polo shirts were not fashionable for women, instead, they carry a sporty sense. However, the polo shirts underwent a reinvention over the decades, adding much more femininity and flair.

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