In hospitality business customer experience stands at the top in the priority list as the entire business depends on it. For the industry that works on creating experience between guests and the hosts, their employers and employer’s presentation play a major role. And thus a proper uniform is needed for every staff member who works in hospitality business.

There are various job roles in hospitality sector like receptionist, waiters, chefs and many more. Each job role needs a different uniform based on its unique requirement that is based on the functionality and appearance involved in that job role.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the right uniform for your hospitality staff.

  1. Branding – While you are in the hospitality business your employee’s presentation creates the first impression on the customer’s mind that gets registered. And that is exactly you first and last chance to create the brand image. Putting your logo or incorporating your brand colours in the uniform is a smart way to build branding through your staff’s uniforms. On the other side the hospitality uniforms with brand logo also talk in volumes about your company’s professional approach and equality values.
  2. Performance of Fabric – The employees working in hospitality sector are at high risks with constant exposure to spills, slips, high temperature, sharp objects, and many more. Thus the fabric you choose to make hospitality uniforms should be resistant enough to protect employees against all such risks. Other than these risks, the catering and hotel uniforms are more likely to get stains and odours due to their work and thus the fabric of such uniforms should be durable and high at performance.
  3. Functionality – The more the functionality of the uniform the better will be the productivity of your employees. When the uniforms are comfortable to work in, employees are able to work more efficiently in lesser time. For example a hotel uniform for chef with multiple pockets to hold culinary equipment can save time and help the chef manage work more efficiently.
  4. Approach – A lot of your hospitality staff would be interacting directly with your customers and thus they need to look approachable. And how to achieve that with uniform? It is simple, just add some badges that sport friendly statements line ‘Let us help you?” or ‘Here to make your stay memorable’. These little details differentiate between luxury hospitality uniforms and the rest leaving the customers with a luxurious experience.
  5. Venue – The venue of any hotel or resort is its biggest USP. Everything you plan is in accordance with the venue, then why exclude uniform? Yes, the uniforms you choose for your staff should complement the venue of your hospitality business. The hospitality uniforms you choose for your staff is to better your brand’s appearance and make your staff comfortable. While you choose uniform for staffs keep their safety, happiness and your brand image in mind and make a choice that
    fits all these requirements. To get the exact uniform you need AttireCorp is here to
    help you with its excellent service.

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