Your brand’s color is one of the first things customers notice when seeing the logo. But, thanks to our memory mapping, it is also one of the last things to get out of their mind. The human brain associates
color with the names it knows as a technique of remembering things. Thus, you must select the right
color for your company.

However, out of so many shades in the RGB palette, it may be challenging to stick to one or two
colors for your brand. Also, knowing that you cannot alter colors regularly, you must finalize the most
appropriate color suiting your brand before making it public.

Thus, in this post, we have mentioned some steps for how you can choose the right color for your
organization. So please go through these points to choose your brand’s shade confidently.

1. Understanding Color Psychology – When we perceive a color, we already make an
impression about the notion. It is due to conditioning, past information, and experiences. Each
color has a corresponding emotion to it. For instance, bright yellow denotes happiness, and
white denotes peace or purity. Thus, you should research this subject and choose

2. Matching Brand Aim with Color – Once you are well informed about the color
implications, you should jot down your company’s core values. Next, you should focus on the
points you want to convey to your clients through the logo. You can then select the color that
best matches your brand’s intention to connect efficiently with customers.

3. Utilize Digital Tools – You should use color generation software to view different shades on
a digital palette. You can view the templates and check which colors look visually aesthetic.
You can try something new out of the box to make it unique. You may even go by the widely
used colors of red, blue, etc.

4. First and Second Shades – Another thing to consider while selecting the right color for your
brand is choosing two colors. If you recollect the logos of renowned companies, you will
notice they have a primary color and a secondary color. One is on the forefront and the other
in the background. Choosing contrasting colors allows your logo to be more conspicuous.
Also, you can combine these shades to select the attire for your organization.

Examples of well-known brands

The Concluding Thoughts
You should consider the above facts while choosing the right color for your brand. It would help if
you also considered making your company’s attire in the same shades as your brand color. It will
maintain uniformity and make your employees feel more connected to the organization. AttireCorp is
one of the leading suppliers of company uniforms. The experienced professionals shall guide and
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